Quick repairs

Small repairs are often possible on the spot. They are available at workshops and sometimes during exhibitions. Please call for an appointment to make sure that we are available. All small repairs are considered:

1. Broken springs
2. Key adjustments
3. Crack repairs For tone hole replacement the instrument needs to get to the workshop, but the rest can be done on the spot.

4. Tenon corks

5. Broken keys (without plating and depending on how severe)
6. Screw and rod replacement

7. Dents
8. Bent keys

A qualified estimate can first be done after we have seen the instrument for appraisal. The same applies for the estimated duration of the repair.

Spare instrument

If a spare instrument is needed depending on the situation, duration, and availability you can either borrow or rent a spare. Shipping costs will be paid by the customer in addition to a service charge. Call for details.

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