If you or your students are planning to purchase a new or used instrument, it would be beneficial to let us know ahead of time. This will give you several advantages:

1. We can arrange our inventory to your needs which will allow you a much better selection.

2. If you are looking for used instruments, we might have them already in stock, just waiting to get finished and we could prioritize them. You are not committed to anything. We can just schedule our repairs based on demand.

We travel extensively to give lectures, exhibits, workshops, or participate in tradeshows and events. We organize all of our tours according to requests and could eventually include a stop near you. You could also get a free demonstration for your students. This would give you the added benefit of:

2. Adjustments can be done right on the spot

3. No shipping or insurance charges (which can save you hundreds of dollars)

4. Instruments for trade-in can be evaluated right away.

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