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Terms & Conditions:

Disclosure of information:
When you shop at Lohff & Pfeiffer we record your contact information. We do not disclose any information to third parties. If you email us with a request, you will be deleted under the Data Registration Act.

All prices are daytime business. Therefore, price changes may occur. Reservations are made for printing errors. All prices quoted are inclusive of 25% VAT.
When delivering goods in Denmark, all prices include 25% VAT. For delivery to Germany we calculate 19% German VAT.
Upon delivery to addresses outside the EU, VAT is automatically deducted. Subject to price changes and printing errors.
When you trade with Lohff & Pfeiffer IS, the general rules of Danish law of purchase and contract law apply, including the rules on consumer purchases.
As a consumer, you are therefore protected by the applicable legislation in the area, ie. primarily the Purchase Act and the Consumer Agreement Act.

Items to try:
Items may be tested by agreement up to 8 days. The cost of transport is invoiced to the customer. It is possible to extend the testing time by appointment. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that goods on trial are processed correctly and not suffer any nuisance.
In case of delayed return, a smoking fee of DKK 100 is calculated. For reminders 2 after a further 14 days, a reminder fee of DKK 200 is calculated. If the item is still not returned, it will be billed as sold to the customer at the item's daily price.

Cleaning fee.
It costs DKK 20 per mouthpiece to test, as we make them clinically clean afterwards, so that the next customer can also try a completely clean and hygienic mouthpiece.
Cracks and intonation guarantee: At Lohff & Pfeiffer you always have a 3-year warranty on cracks and intonation on LP versions of instruments.

Delivery methods:
When shipping goods, we try to choose the most economical form of shipping. Items are shipped with either Post Denmark, GLS Denmark, UPS, DHL or Fed Ex.

In accordance with Danish law, the buyer is entitled to return the purchased item within 14 days of receipt.
Leaves and tubes for woodwinds, CDs, DVDs, books or video are not granted any right of withdrawal if the seal is broken. Special orders or, at the customer's request, modified goods are not allowed to exchange or return goods.
Returned goods must be in the same condition as when they were received and accompanied by a copy of your invoice.
You can cancel a purchase by returning the item at the specified address in person or via the Postal Service / GLS. The item is not considered to be delivered until we have received it. If the item is shipped to us, we recommend that you save a receipt so that the item can be tracked if it should be lost during shipping.
Complaints can be made by phone 35358643 or by phone. email:
You can exercise the right of complaint by sending the item back or appearing at our physical address and advertising there. We reserve the right to remedy a defect / replace with an undamaged item rather than repay the purchase price. Warranty does not apply to wear.

Product Information:
Lohff & Pfeiffer's websites state the essential characteristics of the product, for further information or questions regarding existing information an email can be sent to Lohff & Pfeiffer.

Possession Ratio:
The item is transferred from Lohff & Pfeiffer to the buyer, only when the full amount has been paid. The guarantee from the date of purchase.

The smallest thing:
When you shop at Lohff & Pfeiffer IS, the general rules of Danish law of purchase and contract law, including the rules on consumer purchases, apply. As a consumer, you are therefore protected by the applicable legislation in the area, ie. primarily the Purchase Act and the Consumer Agreement Act.

Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS. cannot be held responsible for anything other than what follows from Danish law.

Any dispute between Lohff & Pfeiffer / IS and a trader will be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

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