We use only superior quality cork , free of pressur marks, holes or damages.
Cork pads - one of our favorites

Cork pad definition

Cork is a naturally growing material. It is the bark of cork oak and is found in many subtropical regions. Portugal and Algeria are especially known for their superior cork quality. Cork is the only bark that you can remove from a tree without killing it. It comes in many different varieties and only the absolute best is qualified for pads. The region, altitude, humidity, and age where the tree grows as well as the treatment afterward are vital to cork pad production.

Cork pad description
Cork pads together with silent pads are our preferred choice as long as the cork is below 12mm in diameter. Buffet Crampon uses cork pads exclusively at their top range models. Larger pads would be too noisy. Cork has many properties that are essential for good pad production.

1. It is water resistant
2. It doesn't stick
3. Seals perfectly
4. Has a straight surface
5. Reflects the sound perfectly
6. Is not sound absorbing.
7. Extremely long-lasting

> Performance
Besides cork quality, there are two important factors that guarantee a perfect result.

1. The mechanism has to be perfect and doesn't allow any key play. If you have an instrument with play in the side keys, replace the pads with something softer and more forgiving, or have the mechanical problems adjusted.
2. You are not allowed to use any force, like heat, humidity, or pressure to speed up the seating process. A lot of experience is needed to seat them well.
3. The tone-hole surface has to be perfect.

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