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Clarinet Dictionary
The Clarinet Directory should help to find the correct translation for expressions commonly used for various woodwind instrument parts or handlings. Many terms are homonyms that can easily be mistaken.
The translations are so far available for: Danish, English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish

This little tool should help to find the appropriate terminology.
1.Select the language from which you like to translate from
2. Enter the word in the textbox
3. The combo box to the right will suggest the technical term in the selected language.
4. When you find what you were looking for press search and the result will appear in all 6 languages.
5. A description will be shown as well as a picture.
6. Here you can also find and download a complete list: Clarinet Dictionary

If you can't find a word or discover a mistake, unclear or misleading translation, please don't hesitate to send us a message to

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