Reduce noises

Noise Reduction

Noises of various origins can spoil the musical pleasure. The causes can be varied.
Acoustic Noise
1. the sound is too closed or dull; (typical for (D / A)
2. sound is too open and shrill 3. it rustles (typical for cis / gis)
4. or whistles
5. Undertones (often with A) can be heard, especially when toasting.

They can be corrected by changing the flow accordingly.

Mechanical Noise
Mostly arise from a lack of cushioning or unnecessary contact. These include:

1. rattling (typical of Bb)
2. Flapping noises (typically right hand)
3. Vibrations

L&P solution
The following 3 methods have proven to be particularly effective.

1.The LP integrated dampers
reduce the flap impact

2. Reimbursement of the pointed screws by LP ball bearing system

3.Installing the LP-Silent upholstery system

reduces the upholstery noise to a minimum. 4. Sound improvement for A / D A / D improvment
5. Sound improvement for Bb LP Register tube

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