This leak-meter shows every leak for each tonehole.
L&P concept

THE 5-step L&P solution:

1. Optimization: The aim of L&P optimization is to eliminate all technical problems of an instrument so that it can show its real potential. Individual adjustments are then made during the so-called customization process.
All leaks are identified and eliminated. The key-play is removed. The key openings and spring tensions are adjusted, and the playing characteristics optimized in various L&P setups, including a selection of tailor-made pads. Only now can instruments be assessed fairly, without errors that could lead to an otherwise excellent instrument being put aside. .... more information

2. Selection Our large selection of already optimized instruments not only makes it possible to find the right one between different brands and a large selection of models, but also from a variety of setups and many additional options. ....Read more

Choose among a large selection of brands, models and setups

3. Customization After selecting an optimized instrument based on tone and response, we adjust the intonation, voicing and ergonomics for the individual musician ....Read more

You can get your instrument customized the way you want it

4. Sustainability It is not always necessary to replace instruments. Often, they can be restored to full-fledged wonderful instruments with the right processing. We are happy to help. This saves resources and is usually more economical. ....Read more

5. 3-year guarantee: In addition to manufacturing and material defects as well as cracks, our extended 3 year L&P guarantee also includes all intonation and adjustment work. ....Read more

6. Take a look at our numerous selection and testing options. Read more

It is our goal to adapt the instrument to the individual musician so that they can enjoy it every day. Thanks to our experience and our very well-equipped workshop, we believe that we can meet this great challenge.

Tailor-made solutions: Over the years we have come across many exciting projects. From conversions to a plateau system to new developments of the quarter-tone clarinet.

This led us to develop more pragmatic and relevant acoustic models. The understanding, insights and experience gained in this way enable us to solve quite complicated instrumental problems. We look forward to individual challenges that require tailor-made solutions.

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