German-Albert system Bb - Schreiber - D 16

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Standard/Factory Setup
System: Albert
Ring keys:  20 keys, 6 rings
Material: Grenadilla-African blackwood - Mpingo-Dalbergia Me
Pad type: Leather pads
Key material: Nickel silver silverplated
Range: To low E
Joints: Tapered wood with cork
Thumb rest: Adjustable
Springs: Blue steel springs
Case: Single case
Mouthpiece  yes
Standard/Factory:  $  1.547
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About the model
The model D16?s uncomplicated and smooth mechanism allows for relaxed playing. The adjustable thumb rest allows the player?s right hand to find the best position, making the instrument fun to learn for children and young players.
Like all Schreiber instruments this clarinet bears the ?100% Made in Germany? mark as a gauge of product quality

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