Selected: Clarinet
Through many years we have been supplying instruments and repairs for a wide range of musicians in many different countries. Below you can read what satisfied musicians have said about us.
Howard Klug

Professor of Clarinet Jacobs School of Music Indiana University, Rossi Artist
Wolfgang Lohff and Birgit Pfeiffer provide an unequaled approach to clarinet repair and acoustic work. Widely revered around the world, the breadth of their skills will quickly sort out the mechanical, tuning and acoustic issues of your instruments. They are an essential part of my pedagogical and performance life, and they can be of yours, too
Pascual Martinez-Forteza

New York Philharmonic, Buffet Artist
"Thank you so much for your wonderful work. The clarinets are fantastic! I have never played a better set of clarinets. The silent pads really make a big difference. The sound is darker than before, and although the response is a little bit slower (as you told me), I don't mind it at all. I got used to it very quickly".
Gabor Varga

International soloist, Principal clarinet, Hungarian Radio, Budapest Symphony,Buffet Artist
Birgit and Wolfgang give me confidence in my clarinets that I need as a soloist. When your instruments exceed your expectations, your artistry is limitless
Pavel Vinnitzky

New York Freelancer, Metropoliton Assistent
I just received my E-flat clarinet back, and I couldn't believe it was actually my instrument! I have no words to describe how amazing it feels and sounds. What great work you have done on it. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a true artist, and I feel very fortunate to have the chance to have you work on my instruments.
Eli Eban

Professor at Indiana University, Former member of Israel Philhormony Orchestra, Rossi Artist
My sincere gratitude to Lohff+ Pfeiffer for your expert craftsmanship. You solve every technical issue in an elegant and lasting fashion, and your ideas about key structure and instrument design are progressive and convincing. My clarinets have never sounded better or felt more secure. It's great to have your support- best of luck!
Robert DiLutis

Professor at University of Maryland, Buffet Artist
Birgit and Wolfgang are a great asset to the field. Honest, supportive and one of the finest repairmen around. I have been a Lohff & Pfeiffer Artist for 7 great years!
Eddie Daniels

Int. Jazz Soloist
Dear Birgit "You did it again. You saved my ...." the instrument plays better than ever after your overhaul. Thanks for everything.
Paul Roe

Royal Irish Academy of Music-Dublin Ireland, Selmer Artist, DIT Conservatory-Dublin, Ireland
I have visited Wolfgang and Birgit in Copenhagen on a number of occasions to have my instruments worked on and also to purchase some instruments. I have also hosted them in Dublin-Ireland at the Conservatory where I work. They possess a skill level and attention to detail unsurpassed, in my experience. Apart from their technical expertise, they are extremely facilitative and their desire is to give the highest possible service to musicians.
Maryanne Lacaille

Freelance Soloist
My new Toscas are playing just absolutely beautiful!
Shannon Kiewitt

The presidents own-US Marine band
The bass is fantastic! Love the silent pads. It is so much easier to play and the intonation is superb. Very pleased.
James Campbell

Professor of Clarinet Jacobs School of Music Indiana University, Selmer Artist
Thank you so much for bringing my 1985 Selmer Recital fully back to life; it is playing even better than when it was at its best in the 1990s.(after a complete bore replacement)
Michael Draplin

Bass clarinet, Freelance, Drapkin Music Publications
As someone with a long history in both music and technology, I highly appreciate the work of Lohff & Pfeiffer. As a technologist, I appreciate Wolfgang’s science-based approach to maximizing the performance of my instruments. As a clarinetist, I love the way my instruments play!
Richard Nunnemarker

Bass clarinet player at the Houston Symphony
I have known Wolfgang and Birgit for many years now and have had the great pleasure to buy many clarinets from them and to have had their customizing work done on those instruments. My latest acquisition is a 1961 R-13 Bb completely restored by Wolfgang and Birgit. Gorgeous instrument. Probably one of the best horns I have ever played. Bravo to you both and congratulations on your wonderful business. Thanks for being there for us all
Gene Wie

Conductor, Soloist
My clarinets have never played better...incredibly responsive, and the mechanism and pads truly are silent!
David Ciucevich

College of Saint Rose Albany NY
Lohff & Pfeiffer´s certainly went the "extra mile" for me to find the perfect instruments and to keep them perfectly adjusted. My new instruments are the finest I’ve ever played by far, hands-down! I didn't know it was possible to play as effortlessly as theirs do! They are certainly in a class by themselves as craftsmen and artisans. Their experience and skill allow them to come up with innovative designs and creative solutions that expand the cutting-edge of the clarinet's potential. I love the personalized attention (and I’m so glad they travel to the players!) I can’t imagine purchasing instruments from anyone else.
Kevin Strange

Orchestra Director at Chain of Lakes Middle School Orchestra and member of Tampa Symphony Orchestra
m delighted with the overhaul and upgrades. My instrument sounds so good and the key-work is silky smooth.
Jeffrey Carwile

Adjunct Professor of Clarinet at Northern Kentucky University
the Selmer is so much better than I would have ever hoped...
David Lane

The sudden clarity is quite a shock. Attacks actually happen when I release my tongue, even in pp passages. The key-work balance and regulation gave me a flashback to when the instrument was new. Even though you just touched it up for me, the change to the Eb is truly a game-changer. Part of me is thrilled at the improvement. The part is upset because I have been fighting this thing since it was new attributing the problem to me just not having the talent to make it work. It has been well over a decade of frustration, which you corrected. The bottom line is that I am very thankful you guys came into my life when you did. You have truly extended my sense of what is possible in my personal musical world. At least I can now concentrate on fighting the effects of aging, without simultaneously fighting the instruments. I hope, by this message, to say that your work does much more than optimizing clarinets. For those of us who speak through their instruments, your work gives us a clear voice, and what amounts to a larger vocabulary with which to get our message across.
Chris Ondaatje

Melbourne Australia
I just wanted to thank you all for the quality of the work. It surpassed all expectations. It sounds and looks better than ever. Thanks for the amazing work on my clarinet.
Steven C.Moore

Professor Emeritus of Music at Austin Peay State University
The clarinet arrived today and it sounds just amazing. Everything is perfect. Resistance is completely even, so much resonance, spring tensions are the most uniform I’ve ever seen! Let everybody know I’m extremely pleased and plan to give my A and Eb similar treatment when the funding is available.
Artem Kemenyash

In May of 2018 I sent you my RC buffet clarinet for the overhaul and I am highly satisfied with the results! Thank you so much.
Julie Berry

The United States Army Band "Presidents Own"
Thank you so very much for everything! I am very happy now! My clarinets are awesome now. And, I LOVE the Tosca Eb!
Steve Hancock

The clarinet is terrific!!! Thank you.
Vojtech Nydl

Check National orchestra Prague
Hello Birgit and Wolfgang. I received the clarinet today morning. What a great and beautiful work you did for me. The gold plating matches perfectly and the instrument plays marvelously. The covered holes feel amazing.
William Sweeney

Prof. at Glasgow Conservatory
The Uebel has arrived back safely - what a fantastic, invisible repair - so thank you, Nicholas! The instrument feels and sounds magnificent - the seal is amazing, I can do any staccato anywhere - especially low down - with absolute security, the action is smooth and silent, so many thanks indeed.
Dr. Anke Walter

Freelance musician
Thank you so much for your wonderful work! It is so great playing the clarinets now, everything is working so wonderfully. The A clarinet, in particular, I feel, has never been better. I'm very happy, very many thanks!
Amie Ma

Freelance and Banddirector in LA
It’s a dream. This bass plays beautifully.
The mechanism is tight, solid, and quiet. It is effortless to play. The tone is gorgeous and the key-work feels great in my hands!

Doing business with Lohff and Pfeifer has been a pleasure. They give you plenty of time to try out horns and are sensitive towards your needs and recommendations. They have plenty of variety you can try and choose from. You can pick the bass that you truly want.
Johan Hartman Stæger

Fagottist Denmark
Tak for den gode reparation af min fagot. Alle mekaniske dele virker, og jeg har klart fornemmelsen af, at slør og støj er minimeret. Jeg oplevede ingen problematiske toner ? hverken i det dybe eller i det høje register. Særligt i det høje register er det blevet lettere at kontrollere tonen og at samle klangen. Jeg er meget tilfreds. Tak for indsatsen.
Jens Rode

Thanks for the great work on my Püchner oboe. It kept its great sound but plays far better than ever before. Suddenly I can do things I never could before. It looks like you not just improved my instrument but my playing as well.
Gabor Baranyi

Executive manager - Budapest Hungary
Thank you for the excellent selection of Eb clarinets to let us try. Their qualities are really excellent. We found an outstanding Tosca which we like to keep for our orchestra.
Nina Holten

Flutist Denmark
Tak for meget fin reparation af min fløjte. God klang og god intonering.
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