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Placement problems

Wrong placement There are two basic categories of displacement:

1. The intonation is not correct. This problem will be taken care of during the L&P tuning process. We can move the position of tone holes anyway we like to. read more

2. The placement is ergonomically uncomfortable. In this case it might be ideal to add or move levers to a more ergonomic position. The L&P small-hand version and the L&P plateau keys are some of the options we can offer among many more about small hand versions
or Plateau systems
Understanding the problem It can´t be mentioned enough that this doesn´t mean that the tone hole position is wrong. The intonation is always the product of the instrument, barrel, mouthpiece, player, and his/her airspeed. A proper evaluation of the different aspects can result in, that a repositioning would be the best solution. Read more about it in the i Intonation
section or visit one of our Workshops

Even more option In some cases, particularly on large instruments, it will be best to add additional tone holes.

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