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Metronomes are one of the most important tools in making music. We differentiate between 3 basic types.

1. Mechanical tactell without bell
The mechanical tact is opened by means of a spring and with the help of an adjustable weight, the pendulum time and thus the number of strokes per minute can be set. Good metronomes are almost indestructible and always work. there is:
1. Small mini bar to go 2. Medium-sized in plastic, which are louder thanks to the body volume or
3. Decorative, large metronomes in wood

1. Mechanical tactell with bell
Mechanical taktell with bell correspond to the previously mentioned. They have an additional bell integrated which accentuates the 2,3,4 or 6 strikes depending on the setting. This enables the player to easily determine whether they are still in time.
All mechanical metronomes must be rewound after the tension spring has expired.

1. Electronic Metronome
Simple models have the same functionality as the mechanical ones. You also need a battery that is quickly forgotten to switch off. In addition to the acoustic beat, some can also indicate the clock and the one silently with a light signal. Some also have a headphone jack and the volume can be adjusted.
Very advanced metronomes also have the ability to beat sub-rhythms like triplets. The selection is enormous and extends to professional rhythm trainers.

1. Multifunction Metronome
In addition to the metronome, multifunction devices usually also include a tuner or a moisture meter.

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