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What do clarinets and shoes have in common?

It is personal!

Both are very personal. They both are used for many years and should suit your personal taste and style. Nobody can judge it better than you. We are always surprised how a certain instrument simply sounds better to and on a certain player, regardless of the skill level. We have had many situations where musicians tried several instruments and found only one clarinet that felt and sounded better than the others. If someone else played the same instrument, it didn't work at all. They would have picked another one. It's a bit like finding the right shoes for yourself. They have to feel comfortable for you.

Find out more and become your own expert!
We are happy to share our knowledge so that you can make your own qualified decisions. That is why we created this complex website. Look around and discover the many possibilities.

We can help!
We understand that your instrument is a big investment. It is an important decision to make and should last you many years. We will be happy to help you and let an experienced player select a variety of already optimized instruments for you. Everyone has individual preferences, play styles, and needs.

Good instruments are not found, they are made!
We regularly selected instruments from a large selection in the factory until we realized how unreasonable it was. We thought these were the best until we realized that this was not the case at all. We missed many good ones. Without the right optimization, they could never show their true potential. Read more about what we've seen

The more experience we gained in recognizing the errors and techniques developed to fix them, the better our results became. Then we realized that good instruments should not be found but had to be made. That's when we decided to optimize our instruments first. Today all of our instruments have reached such a high level that a comparison makes sense. Since the errors have been eliminated, only the real sound character, the resonance of the wood, and the feel counts. Thanks to the methods and materials used, durability and longevity are also significantly improved.
You will still hear and feel differences from one instrument to another, but your choice is now based on the actual properties of the instrument and is not disturbed by leaks and other obstacles.

And finally!
As a last tip, read our article How can I find your instrument?

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