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Thumb rest variations

The thumb rest can cause pain and discomfort. The relocation of the thumb rest or an additional support plate could be the solution you need. If you like to play with a neck or shoulder strap, you can use a leather adapter to connect it to the thumb rest in case you lack a ring. We also offer a wide range of thumb rests. (We have more to choose from)

1. Plastic: They are not adjustable, black, and used on the student B12 as well as the top professional Elite clarinets (because they are lightweight).

2. Galvanized plastic: They are adjustable and used on newer B12 clarinets, Premium, Protege, and others.

Buffet thumbrest for B 12

3. Metal: Most others are made of casted, silverplated metal.

Thumbrests are also available with different functionalities:
1. Fixed: These are very cheap and stable. They often cause problems for your hand position. We can move the thumb rest to a better position if desired.

2. Adjustable: These are adjustable for the musician, but in most cases only downwards. We usually recommend moving the mounting unit 12mm higher up, to get a better hand position.

3. With ring: Some hand rests have rings attached to them, to enable playing with a strap.

4. With additional support: There are some rather expensive and elaborate hand rests on the market that can help reduce some hand stress by enlarging the supported surface of the hand.

Attention:See also :Hand problems and their solutions

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