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LP Quartertone clarinet

LP Quartertone clarinet
Quarter tone music had been used as early as 1849 by the French composer Fromental Halévy. The Check composer Hába drew his inspiration from Moravian folk tunes and rhythms, music abounding in microtones. It can also be found in folk music and avant-garde music as well as tunes from Arabia and Asia and last but not least film music. It offers a wide range of new possibilities to explore and conquer

Double bore quartertone clarinet

The only quartertone clarinets built in the past have been extremely complicated to build and are very hard to play with completely new fingerings.

Prof. Gregory Oaks
In 2014 Prof. Greg Oaks asked us if we could build one for him and we accepted the challenge. We wanted to build an instrument which:
1. could be played by clarinet players without relearning to play the clarinet with a new system.
2. Should not be too heavy
2. could be built at an affordable price

Additional quarter-tone holes

We came up with a new key system that allows us to operate the additional 6 tone holes just by pressing either the right-hand pinky or left thumb.

Lowerjoint mechanism

The system is applicable to existing instruments from Buffet, Selmer, Leblanc, Royal, Yamaha, or Uebel.
We can either modify your lower joint or you can get a separate quartertone middle joint, which can be used on your existing Bb clarinet.

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