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A-clarinet - Buffet Crampon - Legende Greenline

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Standard/Factory Setup
System: Boehm
Bore: 14,55mm Poly-cylindrical
Ring keys: 19 keys & 6 rings, convex
Material: Grenadilla-African blackwood - Mpingo-Dalbergia Me
Pad type: GT waterproof, leather and natural cork
Key material: Nickel silver silverplated, Posts and body rings rosegold plated
Range: To low E
Joints: Tapered wood with cork
Thumb rest: Adjustable
Springs: Blue steel springs
Barrels: 64 & 65 mm
Bell: Nickelsilver receiver rings rose gold plated , No bell ring
Low E/F correction: Low F correction key, low E-correction optional
Lever: Metal-pin with O-ring
Case: Le?gende finish: high tech, shell, brown leather, single or double (Bb and A clarinets), case cover for Le?gende case
Mouthpiece  none

About the model
This Legende clarinet is also the result of these developments in methodology and touts the same virtues as its high-end counterparts, including: metal-capped tenons, for an enduring union between upper and lower joints GreenLinE tone hole slots, ensuring an air-tight closure and flawless sound while eliminating the risk of cracking a low F correction key to enhance the sound in this characteristic scale.After many years reintroduces Buffet the ergonomic rings for a more comfortable and intuitive feel which we missed since the disappearence of the DG.(Le?gende exclusively) natural wood, specially selected and honed for a perfect resonance. The Le?gende will surprise players with its accurate pitch and immediate response. Its precise and centered tone, characteristic of this new bore concept, brings out a whole spectrum of sound, encompassing the brightest to softest of coloring. Its intuitive handling allows the musician the utmost freedom of musical and acoustical expression. Its precise and reliable play is ideal for clarinet players with very eclectic demands.

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