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A-clarinet - Buffet Crampon - Vintage

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Standard/Factory Setup
System: Boehm
Bore: Poly-cylindrical
Tone holes: undercut tone holes
Ring keys: 18 keys & 6 rings
Material: Grenadilla-African blackwood - Mpingo-Dalbergia Me
Pad type: 100% waterproof (GT), leather & natural cork
Key material: Nickel silver silverplated
Range: To low E
Joints: Tapered wood with cork
Thumb rest: Adjustable
Springs: Blue steel springs
Barrels: 65 & 66 mm
Bell: Unplated nickelsilver bellring
Lever: Nylonpin
Case: Black atache etui with numberlock for A&Bb
Mouthpiece  none

About the model
The Vintage clarinet was developed and perfected by Ren?? Lesieux in 1996. Ren?? Lesieux was a Master instrument maker with Buffet Crampon for more than 40 years.
The Vintage, as its name implies, brings to mind the influences and colours of the 1950s.
Today it is widely appreciated for its fluid and focused tone, and its homogeneity and ease of response.
The Vintage in A has a specific bore that provides unrivalled suppleness and remarkable accuracy in all registers, coupled with a particularly warm sound.

Lohff & Pfeiffer comments to the model
The Buffet Crampon Vintage-A is a very popular professional clarinet, inside the R13 family. It implements some of the earlier R13 bore designs. Its unique sound characteristic made it stand out. It has the elegance and ease of a Bb clarinet but the intonation and fullness of an A.The Vintage were taken out of the standard Buffet-USA product line. Due to the high demands, did Buffet Grand us the possibility to still have it available.

The bore in the lower joint ends narrower than the Festival, which gives it more focus and resistance. The position and shape of the register tube have been changed and the C#/G# tone-hole has been prolonged to improve the tuning. Especially the A clarinet has a unique lightness in its sound and feels like a Bb clarinet tuned in A. The sound is dark, focused and carrying.
See also Clarinet bores and sounds.

It is delivered with one tapered bore barrel and one with a cylindrical bore.

The Vintage is available only in unstained, polished African Blackwood. To reduce the risk of cracking, Lohff & Pfeiffer offer the tone hole crack prevention for all wooden instruments as an option.
See also: LP Tone hole crack prevention.

Like all smaller bore instruments, it does have some resistance and allows the use of a more open mouthpiece. It can be combined nicely with R13, R13 Prestige, Legende, Festival, Tradition, and Tosca.
See also: Clarinet bores and sounds.

This model comes with the left hand Eb/Ab key. Some older instruments were delivered without the key but it can be added separately.

Additional Key features
1. The Tenons are provided with a metal tenon-ring for protection.
2. Adjusting screws for G#
3. NEW,Since 2016 are all Buffet Pro-clarinets equipped with an adjusting screw for the left-hand F/C key. This enables the player to adjust occurring disturbing key-play on that key. Lohff and Pfeiffer offered this feature since the 80th as an option. This is stall available for older instruments.

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