Selected: Clarinet

Ball Bearing System

• Reduces key noise
• Increases mechanical precision
• Allows for freer vibration of the wood
• Ignores weather and humidity changes
• Eliminates binding keys
• Greatly reduces maintenance costs

Wood expands during humid periods and contracts during dry ones. These conditions can become a problem for your instrument if you live in an area with significant seasonal weather changes, if you fly often, or if you travel between several different climate zones each year. With the LP Ball Bearing System, we will modify the mechanism in such a way that it allows the wood to expand or contract without keys becoming stuck or loose. This mechanism allows the wood to vibrate freely and smoothly. The result is less stress on the wood, which in turn, reduces the risk for cracks. The LP Ball Bearing System can also be added to used instruments, and is highly recommended for bass clarinets.
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