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Used instrument - Bb-clarinet - Buffet Crampon - E 11
Instrument number: 1200425

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About this model in general:
Made by Buffet Crampon, in specially designed German workshops in Markneukirchen. The E 11 has a wide bore, which provides a light response with an open sound.

Lohff & Pfeiffer comments to the model:

The Buffet Crampon E11 Eb-clarinet is an excellent wooden student clarinet.
The bore is well balanced and allows a free airflow with little resistance, optimal for beginners and young players. The dynamic range is stable from piano to forte and helps the student to get accustomed to a reliable intonation. The wide bore allows the use of closed mouthpieces without the feel of too much resistance. See also Clarinet bores and sounds.

The E11 is only available in African Blackwood with the black stained surface to give them an even look, independent from the original color of the different body parts. This has no influence on the sound.

The mechanism is silverplated, which gives a long-lasting nice surface and prevents the player from developing nickel allergies caused by the instrument.

For players, who like to reduce the risk of cracking, Lohff & Pfeiffer offer the tone hole crack prevention for all wooden instruments as an option.
See also: LP Tone hole crack prevention.

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Used instrument will be delivered overhauled with all the high standards from Lohff & Pfeiffer. It returns from our workshop including all the special features coming with L&P Pro setup.
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