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Bass-clarinet - Buffet Crampon - Tosca 1195

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Standard/Factory Setup
System: Boehm
Bore: Poly-cylindrical
Tone holes: undercut tone holes
Ring keys: 24 keys
Material: Grenadilla-African blackwood - Mpingo-Dalbergia Me
Pad type:  Lether & Leather with metal resonators, cork
Key material: Nickel silver silverplated
Range: To low C
Joints: Metal-capped
Thumb rest: Adjustable
Springs: Blue steel springs
Bocal: Adjustable silver plated nickel silver
Bell: Versilberter Messingbecher mit Stachel
Lever: Nylonpin
Case: Carbonefibre lightweightcase with integrated backpack
Mouthpiece  ESM
Standard/Factory:  Kr  96.209
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About the model
Buffet Crampon, with a dedicated strategy for the continued development and improvement of their instrument range, introduced a new professional bass clarinet in 2014.
This new bass is in keeping with the high standards of their celebrated models produced before 1998, giving players a subtle blend of traditional and new technologies.
This new Tosca bass clarinet, conceived for the symphonic orchestras, broadens the spectrum of sound already appreciated in the existing B-flat and A models launched in 2004 the E-flat model in 2010. Its well-focused sound and luminous tone, assisted by a unique new register key system, allows the most demanding musician the ability to play the instrument???s entire repertoire with an exceptional freedom and confidence.
Its intuitive, soundless Tosca mechanism liberates the artist from the usual constraints imposed by the key action on the lower joint and the movements of the plateau keys of the instrument.
The Tosca range is now completed with this unique bass clarinet.

Lohff & Pfeiffer comments to the model
Buffet Crampon Tosca Bass clarinet to low C Mod.1195 After the very successful launch of the Prestige did Buffet introduce the Tosca.

The Tosca bass has a slightly narrower bore and is equipped with a Bb mechanism to improve the intonation. Furthermore, does it has 3 low Eb keys instead of 3 Ds. Both models coexist with slightly different timbres and sounds. It is a very flexible and universal instrument and very popular especially among orchestra players. The sound is primarily dark, focused and carrying but it offers a wide range of colors from elegant to aggressive.

The Tosca bass l is available in unstained, polished African Blackwood but not in Greenline. To reduce the risk of cracking, Lohff & Pfeiffer offer the tone hole crack prevention for all wooden instruments as an option.
See also: LP Tone hole crack prevention.

This model comes with the left hand Eb/Ab as well as with 3 low Eb keys. Some older instruments were delivered without the key but it can be added separately.

Additional Key features
1. The Tenons are provided with a metal tenon-ring for protection.
2. Low C/F Correction key.
3. The Bass has a full automatic register mechanism, which improves the high register in pitch and response greatly.
4. There are many adjusting screws to facilitate the key coordination for G#, correspondence between lower and upper joint, the adjustment for the righthand keys as well as the low C/F correction.
5. In addition to that, does the Prestige also have venting adjustment screws for the left and righthand keys, that's a great help if you know how to use them. .
Lohff and Pfeiffer offers several alternative versions of this model.
1. Due to the size of the instrument will the wood expand and shrink fare more than normal clarinets. As a result, is key play very common. This will create irritating noises, wear of screws and mechanism and the instrument gets easier out of adjustment. 2. The lP-Ballbearing system eliminates all these problems perfectly lightens the mechanical action and increases the speed and resonance.See also LP-Ball-bearing system .
3. The , LP-Pro setup is a special padding Technik, unlike on clarinet, primarily done with double impregnated leather pads, which will give the bass a very lyric sound like a cello. And increases the dynamic range as well without being dominant.. See also LP-Ball-bearing system .
. 4. If you prefer a big masculine tone and little pad noises, you should try the LP-Studio setup. The sound is big, dark, the response immediately and easy. It is even possible to adjust the response to the instrument. This is our most popular setup. .. See also LP-Ball-bearing system .
. 5. The LP-Soloist setup combines the Studio and ball bearing system to one. These are instruments with a big tone, fast response, and quite an action. Perfect for Recordings as well as Orchestra playing. See also LP-Ball-bearing system .
. 6. The and metal tenons> are another way to add response and resonance to the bass.
. 7. Since 1997 we offer the necks and bells in different versions. The most popular one is theLP Copper plated on. 20 years later Buffet adopted this option as well.
. 8. The bass is usually delivered with one standard neck. Lohff & Pfeiffer offers also a more open neck as an alternative. In case you prefer even more power, we can add an LP Sound booster to the neck or add another metal tenon between the neck and the top joint.
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