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A-clarinet - Selmer - Privilege

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Standard/Factory Setup
System: Boehm
Bore: 14.60 mm
Tone holes: undercut tone holes
Ringkeys: 18 keys & 6 rings
Pitch: 440/442
Material: Grenadilla-African blackwood - Mpingo-Dalbergia Me
Padtype: Leather pads
Keymaterial: Nickel silver silverplated
Range: To low E
Joints: Metal tenon sockets
Thumb sup.: Adjustable
Springs: Blue steel springs
Barrels: 65.5 & 66.5 mm
Bell: Becherring
Extra: Two-colour ring: gold-plated/matte black chrome-plated
Case: Privilege double Case
Mouthpiece  Selmer C85 120
Standard/Factory:  Kr  38.070
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About the model
Praised for its great flexibility and consistency, the Privilege clarinets have evolved, offering esthetics, ergonomics and tuning. A more natural feel. The ergonomically redesigned key-work, including a new key shape and orientation for the right and left little fingers and an improved mechanical response are among the developments that facilitate the clarinetists easy switch to the Privilege. The Privilege clarinets are exceptionally consistent in tuning, blending easily with other instruments in all acoustic settings including symphony, opera, large ensemble, chamber and in the studio. The perfectly balanced throat tone area (E, F, F#, G) really shines, making the Privilege extremely consistent over the entire range of the instrument.

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