Eb-clarinet - Yamaha - YCL 881

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Standard/Factory Setup
System: Boehm
Bore: Poly-cylindrical
Tone holes: undercut tone holes
Ringkeys: 17 keys & 6 rings
Pitch: 440
Material: Grenadilla-African blackwood - Mpingo-Dalbergia Me
Padtype: Bladder skin pads
Keymaterial: Nickel silver silverplated
Range: To low E
Joints: 1 piece body
Thumb sup.: Fixed
Springs: Blue steel springs
Barrels: 42mm
Bell: Bellring
Case: Single case
Mouthpiece  Yamaha 4C

About the model
Our finest E clarinet was designed with some of the world's greatest clarinetists, and has a deep round sound which can either blend with others or project a solo passage

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